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Horse Country Tours

Welcome! Get up close and personal with the residents of Kentucky's only all-breed equine rescue, and see what we do to give horses a fresh start on a new chapter in their lives!


The Kentucky Equine Adoption Center occupies 72 acres as a safe haven for all breeds of equines in transition to their forever home. We manage approximately 50 horses at any given time, all available for adoption, in varying stages of rehabilitation and retraining. Some come to us from abuse or neglect situations, and many have been surrendered by kind owners who recognize that their circumstances prevent them from caring properly for their horse(s). We train and heal them physically, mentally, and emotionally to be ready for a good life in a forever home.


The tour begins outside the office, where we give an overview of the farm, then we’ll walk around the barn and visit horses in the fields and hear their stories. You will see a demonstration of training that takes place in our arena or round pen, come back through the barn where you learn about some rehabilitation successes, and might see a veterinary exam, foot treatment, acupuncture, or other example of care (not guaranteed, according to schedule of individual horses). The tour should last an hour to an hour and a half, and is on mostly flat cement terrain, but there are steps into the house, and when interacting with horses it will be on grass and could be muddy. Please dress accordingly. This farm is on Eastern Time. We look forward to seeing you!​

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