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 Equine Rescues

Arabian Rescue Mission:

Kentucky Humane Society:


Our Mims:

New Vocations:

Secretariat Center:

Old Friends:

The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation:

These and more rescues are listed in the

Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance directory.

Horse Transport

Doug Moore: 859-806-5794

Zikkos Horse Transport: 859-229-6540

L.H. Transport: 859-241-0209

Jamie Linn: 920-420-5016

Sallee (national carrier): 859-255-9406

Important Information

Standard of Equine Care:

KY Livestock Welfare & Complaints:

How to report abuse/neglect:

How to Rehab the Starved Horse:


At the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center, we are committed to promoting responsible equine ownership so fewer horses end up in crisis, and working with organizations who share that same mission.

If you or your business would like to be featured on our resources page, please send an email to

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