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Meet Blaze.

Every horse that is adopted from us is a success story, but some have climbed a higher mountain.  
Blaze Aug. 2023.jpg
August, 2023

Blaze came to us severely underweight and so emaciated he could barely hold his head up.  He immediately started a round-the- clock refeeding schedule, and with   vet care, teamwork, and loving attention, this sweet gelding began to gain weight and get healthier.  Soon he was holding his head up, eating in a pasture, and making new friends with his pasture mates.  He loved human contact and became an instant favorite with everyone.  He captivated a family during a Horse Country tour and has now been adopted by them.  Happy forever after for our sweet boy with a  lucky family who saw what he could become!

Blaze Nov. 2023.jpg
November, 2023
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