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Take The Reins Program


About The Program

The Take the Reins Project presented by Alltech is an education initiative that pairs the local schools with the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center to supplement core curriculum in areas of math, science, writing, art, and public speaking. The horses enhance learning outcomes such as responsibility, care, and the importance of giving back. Each school participating in the Take the Reins Project “fosters” a horse from the Center for one school year with the understanding (and hope) that the horse could be adopted while being "fostered". The fostered horse serves as the cornerstone for the school’s curriculum and engagement with the Center. 

"Take The Reins marries two central aspects of Alltech’s mission: education and animal care. The human-horse relationship is a bond that can prove transformative and this project will have a lasting impact on the lives of the children and rescued horses."

— Deirdre Lyons, co-founder of Alltech


Take The Reins is a program that educates and focuses on:

1) The importance of giving back

2) Responsibility

3) Being a competent horse and animal owner


Take The Reins is made possible by dedicated businesses, like the program sponsor - Alltech.


Alltech is a global company that specializes in research on animal nutrition and health.

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