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2023 Grade Filly



Topaz was born in June 2023. She is full of personality and is sure to spread joy to everyone she meets. Topaz is halter broke and enjoys a good grooming session. She has a big puppy dog personality and loves to cuddle. Topaz is super brave and very fond of humans. Because of this, we suspect she will be a very fun and uncomplicated filly to train when she is older. We have seen her gait and trot. 


(Bay mare in photos is her nursemare. They are not genetically related.)


Adoption fee:  $1000, $250  deposit  =  $1250



At KYEAC, we require adopters to complete an inspection on the adopted horse 6 and 12 months following adoption. To ensure adopters comply with their inspections, a $250 deposit is required on all horses priced under $2,000 and a $500 deposit is required on all horses priced $2000 and over.  This deposit is already calculated into the adoption fee. If the adopter complies with the inspections, this deposit will be fully refunded after the requirements of the 6 and 12-month inspection have been met to our satisfaction. If the adopter does not comply with their inspections, their deposit will be forfeited.

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