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2001 15.0HH Bay/White Pinto Grade Mare


Snickers had spent her life as a pet and had no training before arriving at the Center. Her training is going well and she is gaining confidence in herself and her trainer.  She will need an experienced trainer-type home to help her become a solid citizen and understand boundaries. She will need strict dietary restrictions to manage and prevent any limonitic episodes. Snickers is available as a non-rideable companion.


Total price includes: Adoption Fee($800) + Deposit($250) = $1050


At KYEAC, we require adopters to complete an inspection on the adopted horse 6 and 12 months following adoption. To ensure adopters comply with their inspections, a $250 deposit is required on all horses priced under $2,000 and a $500 deposit is required on all horses priced $2000 and over.  This deposit is already calculated into the adoption fee. If the adopter complies with the inspections, this deposit will be fully refunded after the requirements of the 6 and 12-month inspection have been met to our satisfaction. If the adopter does not comply with their inspections, their deposit will be forfeited.

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