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2001 15HH Flaxen Chestnut American Saddlebred Mare


Foaled in late March, 2024.  She and her filly are only available as a pair to a home experienced in raising and weaning foals.  Ember is sweet and easy to be around but will not undergo a formal training evaluation until after the filly is weaned in September.  Ember has no known riding history, but is easy to handle on the ground.  *KYEAC probits any adopted horse from being bred.*



Ember will be available for adoption individually after foal is weaned in September, 2024.


Total price includes: Adoption Fee($1,200) + Deposit($500) = $1,450


At KYEAC, we require adopters to complete an inspection on the adopted horse 6 and 12 months following adoption. To ensure adopters comply with their inspections, a $250 deposit is required on all horses priced under $2,000 and a $500 deposit is required on all horses priced $2000 and over.  This deposit is already calculated into the adoption fee. If the adopter complies with the inspections, this deposit will be fully refunded after the requirements of the 6 and 12-month inspection have been met to our satisfaction. If the adopter does not comply with their inspections, their deposit will be forfeited.

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